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Tactical Fest is not open to the general public. This event welcomes elite members of the Department of Defense, Special Forces, Defense Contractors, Law Enforcement, and prescreened guests. An official government-issued identification is required at all timesMilitary and prescreened guests must present official ID. Accepted civilian guests must present a valid drivers license or other government-issued identification.

On site registration is not permitted at this event for non-exhibiting manufacturers. Tactical Fest conducts background checks on all foreign nationals and may deny entry based on results. 

Badges CANNOT be reproduced, transferred or resold. There is a $100 fee to replace lost or stolen badges. If transferred or sold, both parties involved will be removed from the event. Limit one (1) free reprint per person. Badges are the property of the National Shooting Sports Foundation and may be revoked at any time for any reason. Absolutely no refunds are provided.

NO soliciting by NON-Exhibitors, including without limitation, approaching other attendees or exhibitors at the event, on the grounds for the purpose of offering to sell, demonstrate or show products or services. NO displaying, showing or selling to an event attendee or exhibitor by means of distributing or showcasing samples, catalogs, flyers, brochures, videos or computer presentations. NO showrooms, hospitality suites, or sponsorship activities is allowed by NON Exhibitors anywhere at the event. Offenders of this policy, including both the individual and company affiliated with the individual, may be banned from attending future events by Tactical Fest and badges will be confiscated with no refund.

NO animals except for properly identified on-duty ADA recognized service animals.

NO Photography – Photography or video recording at the event is prohibited except by those with valid media badges or other authorized individuals. Surveillance equipment is in use 24/7.

NO personal firearms or ammunition allowed. This rule applies to off duty law enforcement officers. Only firearms on display by exhibitors, whose firing pins have been removed (and have been inspected by Tactical Fest Safety Advisors), and firearms carried by on duty law enforcement and private security authorized by Tactical Fest Management will be permitted on the show floor. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Tactical Fest is NOT responsible for injuries, property damage or loss of any kind, or for any other incidents, directly or indirectly connected with attending the show. Attendees assume all business and personal risks before, during and after the event.

Attendees and their belongings may be searched at any time during the event. Attendees consent to such searches and waive any related claims that may arise. If an attendee refuses such searches, attendee may be denied entry or be removed from show premises without refund or other compensation.

Attendees grant event management permission to utilize their image, likeness, actions and statements in any live or recorded audio, video, or photographic display or other transmission, exhibition, publication or reproduction made of, or at, Tactical Fest in any medium or context without further authorization or compensation. These attendance rules are applicable to all show “attendees” including buyers, non-buyers, exhibitors and media. Tactical Fest shall have sole discretion over admission at all times and shall strictly enforce all show rules. Attendees agree to abide by these attendance rules, as well as all other rules applicable to their badge type, which may be updated at any time. Violators risk immediate confiscation of their show badge without refund and removal from the premises. Violators removed from the event will not be allowed re-entry. Violators risk suspension from future events.