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One Man Can Make A Difference

David Hasselhoff | Made In America | February 13, 2019


One Man Can Make A Difference

Hear the legend Knight Rider David Hasselhoff sing the National Anthem and thank our troops for their sacrifice. Get an exclusive sneak peek of the most anticipated project he is working on. Enjoy a quick Q&A session, where The Hoff answers all the burning questions of the audience.

David Hasselhoff


David Hasselhoff is an American television actor. Hasselhoff started his Hollywood career on The Young and the Restless. However, most Americans recognize Hasselhoff from his portrayal of the notorious crimefighter Michael Knight on Knight Rider. He then solidified his stardom by starring in another American classic television show, Baywatch, by playing the heartthrob Mitch Bucannon and then becoming executive producer. Hasselhoff now enjoys adrenaline rushing activities and spending his time with his wife and two kids.

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