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Mark Cuban Helps Veteran Entrepreneurs

Mark Cuban | The Next Mission | February 13, 2019


Mark Cuban Helps Veteran Entrepreneurs

Get business advice from business tycoon Mark Cuban of Shark Tank. Find out why Mark Cuban thinks that following your passion is not enough. Learn what cures all business problems. Hear how veteran entrepreneurs have the foundation to make it in business.

Mark Cuban

Business Tycoon, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist

Mark Cuban is a business tycoon, entrepreneur and philanthropist. Cuban is most well known as an expert in technology businesses, having successfully started several technology based companies such as and MicoSolutions. Using his expertise, Cuban bought and made the Dallas Mavericks into a dream franchise. Cuban is also credited in his involvement in Hollywood, having served as Executive Producer on films such as Goodnight and Good Luck (2005) and Akeelah and the Bee (2006). Currently Cuban serves as an investor on the widely proclaimed show Shark Tank. As a philanthropist, Cuban is a huge supporter of military non-profit organizations, continuously donating several thousands through the Mark Cuban Foundation to causes that benefit our military and veterans. The Mark Cuban Foundation is a Lifetime Sponsor of Clever Talks.

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