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Learn How To Pursue Financial Freedom

Grant Cardone | Tactical Fest | February 12, 2019


Learn How To Pursue Financial Freedom

Learn from best-selling author and #1 sales trainer Grant Cardone, on how to step outside of the comfort zone to secure financial freedom. Find out why Cardone encourages to go against tradition, and be seen and heard. Watch Cardone bestow a $40K gift to future veteran entrepreneurs.

Grant Cardone

Best-selling author and #1 sales trainer

Grant Cardone is a best-selling author and #1 sales trainer. Cardone provides the necessary tools to entrepreneurs to build a successful business through his creation of online courses, Cardone University. Internationally recognized for his expertise in sales, Cardone travels the world to share his knowledge. A strong believer in giving back, Cardone founded the Cardone Foundation to provide education to those you live in at-risk communities.

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