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How To Get Your Team To Care As Much As You Do

Tom Davin | Made In America | January 28, 2019


How To Get Your Team To Care As Much As You Do

Tom Davin, Chairman and CEO of 5-11 Tactical empowers active duty military members, veterans and entrepreneurs by bestowing superpowers that will provide the foundation of a million dollar company. Learn how Tom Davin applies his U.S. Marine Corps superpowers to drive the success of his business. Find out how the two best tools to get your employees to care about your business.

Tom Davin

Chairman and CEO of 5-11 Tactical

Tom Davin is the Chairman and CEO of 5-11 Tactical, America’s top leading service supplying company to all military and public service branches. Having started a successful career in the U.S. Marine Corps as an officer, Davin eventually used his military skills to become successful in business. Prior to 5-11 Tactical, Davin was the CEO of Panda Restaurant Group, widely known as Panda Express. In addition to fulfilling his duties at 5-11 Tactical, Davin enjoys giving back to the community by serving as a board member on the Infinite Hero Fund and contributing to a athletic scholarship to his alma mater, Duke Lacrosse with his wife Molly.

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