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How a Shoe Can Change A Girl’s Life

Matthew Griffin | Force Of The Future | February 12, 2019


How a Shoe Can Change A Girl’s Life

Watch how former Army Ranger Matthew Griffin inspires our active duty military and veterans to be the change. Griffin shares the story of extreme poverty and how it is the mission to rid the world of Learn how Griffin has helped over 500 girls in Afghanistan get educated through combat flip flops.

Matthew Griffin

Former Army Ranger and CEO of Combat Flip Flops

Matthew Griffin is a former Army Ranger turned inspirational entrepreneur. After witnessing extreme poverty overseas, Griffin became inspired to be the change that will break the devastating cycle of war. Griffin then became the Co-Founder and CEO of Combat Flip Flops, a thriving company conceived in an area full of conflict aiming to empower other business leaders to grow entrepreneurs in conflicted areas. Griffin spreads the message of Combat Flip Flops and how purpose driven culture can bring the change that the world is need of. 

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