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Ray-Ban Started as a Military Aviaton Project

| | April 9, 2016


Ray-Ban Started as a Military Aviaton Project

From James Dean to Michael Jackson to Audrey Hepburn, Ray-Ban started as a military aviation project. Seven and a half decades ago back in 1930’s, The US Air Force had a tough time seeing in the air. This signaled Ray-Ban to come up with a solution–thus Ray-Ban was born.

CLVR - Ray Ban B&W

It’s hard to imagine that 70 years later those pair of eyeglasses have slightly changed and still remain carefully intact and in style. The special droopy shape the aviators had gave birth to their signature name Aviators.

In the 1950’s Hollywood picked up on them. In the 60’s the revolution sported them. In the 70’s disco was king and people wore them outdoors as well as indoors. 80’s films like The Blues Brothers (1980), and Top Gun (1986), continued to make the glasses famous.

Today the Ray-Bans stand as a timeless vision piece that stares straight into the past as well as it does into the future.

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